Welcome to the investor section of ArtXperience Ltd!

We have initiated a pre-seed funding round for the development, launch, and monetization of the Lingonperry platform. Lingonperry is a SaaS platform that provides a solution to the revenue-related challenges of artists, while also bringing in engaged fans and connecting them to everything artists need for success.

What makes Lingonperry unique?

We offer artists a unique opportunity to connect record labels, publishers, commercial partners, venues, fans, and new audiences through a single platform. Additionally, for our users, we provide a music game that offers new music and deep fan experiences in both virtual and real life.

ArtXperience Ltd is an artist-centered company where the focus is on artists' growth and success. We believe that the revenue challenges faced by artists can be solved, and our goal is to create a sustainable income stream for artists through the Lingonperry platform. This way, we assist artists in growing and succeeding through multiple revenue streams.

Funding need:

We are currently seeking €150,000 in funding at a €1.5 million pre-money valuation. With this funding, we will further develop the Lingonperry product, expand marketing efforts, and initiate revenue generation on the platform to scale our operations.

Implementation phases:

We have already achieved significant milestones, such as the completion of the platform's Beta version and the initiation of the first revenue streams on the production side. Next, we will release the MVP and add features such as a discussion forum, statistics, a ticket shop for live concerts, and a virtual artist career development service.

You can explore the Lingonperry Beta by creating an account through this link


The goal of this funding round is to make the MVP features of the platform operational, validate the business logic, and increase the customer base.
Afterward, we can initiate expansion into the Nordic countries.

In the second phase of Lingonperry, we will introduce video content, and to do that, we will initiate a Seed funding round with a pre-money valuation target of at least three million euros.

After the Seed round, our focus will shift towards further development, aiming to expand into virtual functionalities and the metaverse.

Once the platform is ready and we have expanded globally, our goal is to achieve a 2% share of market (SOM) by 2026, which translates to a revenue of 100 million euros.

Background of ArtXperience:

The key individuals of ArtXperience have invested €20,000 of their own funds into the product. Additionally, we have raised €50,000 in funding from Finnish business angels to develop our product's Beta version.

We are incredibly excited about the Lingonperry product and its potential. Join us in supporting our journey to provide artists with fairer earnings and engaged fans!

Get in touch with us, so we can discuss further and schedule a meeting, or you can introduce yourself through the contact form at, and we will get in touch with you!