How Do we do fans’ engagement?

When users come to the Lingonperry platform, they can see basic symbols for search and menu on the top and on the bottom there is a player. A bit different than usual, there is only one button inside Lingonperry logo, which can do everything desired. More on that on our prototype. All these features are going to be on our platform MVP, which comes out at January 2023.
On upper corner of a player, there is some buttons:
From this button, users can see their team activities. Users can team up for their favorite artists and help them on their way to success and earn some gold for that. Gold can be used as a current on our platform. For example, users can promote their favorites by sharing listening links, which bring more listeners to artists and users to the platform.
Teams can also help artists with their events by inviting them to a gig for some venue. They can actually volunteer for carrying stuff, offering rides when needed and selling merch.
From this button users can see their events for which they are one of arrangers or which they have bought a ticket for, or for which they should go.
Chat Room
From here users can see conversations they are active at the moment. Chat Room can be common conversation under artist site, or detailed conversation about the event users are planning.
My music
This is the user’s music library, which contains all the albums and playlists the user has used recently, or what is saved.
After MVP we’ll bring video materials, “retro MTV” -screen, deepening mixed reality to the platform. Third ArtX version adds Metaverse to the platform with full mixed reality shows online.
So behind those buttons is where the magic happens. Because of these features Lingonperry isn’t just a chatroom for music lovers, not a unique music player, where you can always find fresh new music. It’s not just a place where people gather around to enjoy their bands and help them with everything they need. Lingonperry isn’t just a service for bands managing, promoting and advertising.
Lingonperry is all those things and nothing less. And when you combine these all together,
the final result is much more than the sum of its parts.